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3 Ways Athletes Screw Up Their Chances Of Getting Endorsement Deals

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"I teach people in the sports and fitness industry how to land endorsement deals with awesome companies that pay them to do what they love."

About Me

My name is Ashley Juge and I am former Texas’ Strongest Woman and the founder and co-owner of Muscle Pirate, LLC. My story didn’t originate in fitness, though - I actually cut my teeth in the golf industry as V.P. of BRUTE Golf, a designer and manufacturer of the best forged beta-titanium drivers in the world.


  • Our drivers were featured on the Golf Channel multiple times.

  • PGA tour winners played them.

  • Celebrity clients bought drivers from me directly.

  • I was personally responsible for endorsement deals with athletes all over the globe - even baseball mega legend Jose Canseco.

When the pandemic shut the world down in early 2020, I facilitated the sale of the golf company to an international buyer and my partner Joshua and I went full-send into the fitness industry with Muscle Pirate. Since then, I’ve handled the responsibility of sponsorships and partnerships with countless fitness events, expos and athletes in a variety of athletic disciplines.

I’ve also negotiated partnerships with a multitude of charities and organizations over the years to raise money for special causes including

- Make A Wish

- St. Jude

- Food banks

- Animal shelters

- Homeless initiatives

- Veteran services

- Sports teams

- Scholarship foundations

...and many others!

If anyone knows a thing or two about sponsorships, how they work and how to get them (and keep them!), I’m your girl.

How excellent would it be to make a great living simply by doing what you love?

If you’re serious about obtaining endorsements with your favorite brands and companies, I can show you how to not only make yourself an important asset, but to fully excel in a world where so many treat sponsorships as a “flavor of the day” deal and subsequently fail again and again to create long-lasting and lucrative partnerships.

Contact Me

You may email me by filling out this short email form.

You may also contact me directly at:

Instagram: @adventurous.ashley
TikTok: @adventurous.ashley


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For Individuals:
I work with individuals 1-on-1 to help them grow their own personal brand, and get lucrative sponsorships, partnerships and endorsement deals. Shoot me an email to discuss the current problems you face, and how I would be able to help you solve them. 

For Companies
I work with companies 1-on-1 to help them train their current talent, and/or acquire new talent all with the goal of creating a greater ROI. Shoot me an email to discuss the current problems you face, and how I would be able to help you solve them. 

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