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We are all coming from different places on our fitness journey.

Some of us need to gain more muscle, others need to lose more fat.

Some need to get stronger, others need to gain flexibility.

Some train for sports, others want to be healthier for themselves and their family.

Whatever YOUR individual reasons for training and working out are, we are here for you.

We take pride in being able to really see the individual and help them succeed in THEIR goals.

Our specialties include:

Gaining Muscle
Losing Fat
Strength Building
Greater Conditioning
Sports Performance
& More

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About Me

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Joshua Crews, also known as "The Viking" is a 6'8" 300+lb Texas based athlete, actor and sports performance specialist.

He is recognized for having played multiple professional sports, training with the WWE and his film roles.

He has worked in the sports & fitness industry for 15+ years with athletes and performers from American Gladiators, Hollywood Stuntmen, Professional Bull Fighters, MLB Superstars, NFL Legends, Country Music Stars and WWE Recruits among others.

He has been featured on ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN Radio, CBS, The Golf Channel & more.

He holds a Master's Degree from SHSU, and multiple certifications within the fitness industry.

He is the Co-Owner and CEO of the company Muscle Pirate. 

Contact Me

You may contact me by filling out this short e-mail form.

You may also contact me directly at:

Instagram: @joshuathevikingcrews


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1.) Work Directly With Joshua Online- Contact me today to start working on building huge amounts of muscle mass. I will create an individualized program based on where you are currently at physically that is proven to get results. Learn more about 1-on-1 Online Training with me HERE.

2.) Work Directly With Joshua In Person- Here in The Woodlands/Conroe, TX area. You will gain significantly more muscle mass, strength, speed and power working directly with me. Everyone I work 1-on-1 with have seen major results. If you are willing to do what it takes and push your limits then I will provide you with the exact coaching you need to go as far as humanly possible. The bottom line is we will work together to make you the best athlete you can possibly be. Contact me with the form above to discuss if you would be a good fit for working together in person.

3.) The Viking Athlete MASS Building PDF Download + 5 BONUSES- Get this awesome workout that countless athletes have used to put on serious muscle mass on sale


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With "The Mountain"
from Game of Thrones

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