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... No matter what sport you're in!


Tired of contacting sports brands about sponsorships only to be immediately rejected? Or even ignored all together?

Do you get frustrated with the lack of sponsorship opportunities that you are offered, despite your list of achievements (and years of hard work in your sport)?

Are you sick of copy-and-pasted, non-answer responses from companies when you ask what it would take to be a sponsored athlete with them?

It’s like fumbling around in a dark room trying to find a key to let yourself out, but you have no idea where the key is, what it looks like or even where the dang door is in the first place. It can seem depressingly impossible. I totally get it.

How do I know? Well, I was an athlete in the same position years ago, with all the same questions as you. Then, I started a career on the other side of the fence - or door, in this case - as the VP and head of sponsorships for an international golf club company and now as the founder of an athletic brand. As such, I’ve personally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars sponsoring athletes all over the world… even legendary names like Jose Canseco…


...and it’s taught me everything there is to know about how sponsorships work and how to get them.

And now, you can get all the behind-the-scenes, expert insight for yourself with my Sponsorship Secrets program.

Turn on the lights and eliminate the mystery around athletic sponsorships.

You will learn:

* Exactly What Sponsorships Are And What They Are Not so that you can avoid common (and costly!) mistakes that other athletes often fall into.


* How Your Social Media May Be Destroying Your Chances For Paid Partnerships and simple fixes that you can make today to create a more impactful online presence.


* How To Develop Your Personal Brand so that you can be confident in exactly what you want to offer with your unique perspective, how you want to broadcast yourself and what you bring to the table for paying partnerships.


* How To Accurately Identify Ideal Potential Sponsors so that you can get to work creating meaningful, long-lasting and lucrative deals that will allow you to make money doing what you love most.

And finally...


* How To Approach Those Brands And Companies in a way that makes them pay attention to what you have to say and offer and instantly sets you apart from the “sponsor me!” crowd.

How to obtain paid partnerships with relevant brands in your sport should never be a mystery; I believe that you should be making serious money doing that which you have so fiercely dedicated yourself to. Sponsorship Secrets was created to simply give you the tools and expert knowledge to do so.

But don't just take my word for it:

“The information in this ebook is simply gold. Ashley’s experience with sponsoring athletes, as well as being a competitive athlete herself and having a company within the field of sports makes for an incredible combination of perspective for anyone seeking to understand what brands look for in athletes to represent their company and organization...

I wish I would have come across this information much earlier. It would have helped us grow in sponsorships much sooner, but I’m happy to report that we’ve already increased the number of paid sponsors of our strongman competitions since reading and implementing the very simple and practical advice in that Ashley shares in this program."
 - - - Tommy Burns, West Coast Regional Director for Strongman Corporation & Founder of The Strongman Club

With this program, you'll get:

* The Sponsorship Secrets guide for athletes, which details everything that sponsors *wish* you knew and destroys the myths and misconceptions about what sponsorships are and what they are not.


* The 3 Things Sponsors Look For On Your Social Media so that you can create a powerful and impactful social media presence that is not only interesting to your audience but that is also eye-catching and value-packed for potential brand partnerships.


* The Identifying Your Big Three Guide & Worksheet so that you can begin creating your personal brand and build massive confidence in exactly what you have to offer to big-money sponsors.


* The Identifying Ideal Potential Sponsors Guide & Worksheet so that you can more easily recognize brands and companies that match your personal and financial goals.


* Expert insight on how to deal with rejection so that you can learn from those situations and come back stronger and more impactful than ever before.


* How To Approach Potential Sponsors which will teach you the #1 most important piece of information that more than 90% of athletes completely forget to include in their sponsorship proposals - and that will absolutely determine whether or not a company agrees to partner with you!


* Lastly, a special message from me to make sure you get started on the right track so that you can get the MOST out of this program and all that YOU have to offer your favorite brands!

The wealth of knowledge and expertise in this program was developed through years of personally investing well over $100,000 into athlete sponsorships and endorsement deals all over the globe.

For a limited time, though, you can get the Sponsorship Secrets program for yourself for just $27 (normally $197).

imageedit_1_9304492792 (1).png

Simply enter your payment information in the secure checkout below and you'll instantly receive an e-mail from me with instructions on how to quickly download your copy of the Sponsorship Secrets program. Once downloaded, you can immediately begin learning exactly what paid partnerships entail, how they work and most importantly, how to get them and begin making real money doing what you love most!

And if you don't gain any valuable knowledge from Sponsorship Secrets, I'll give you your money back.


You need to act quickly though, because the price will be going up when this introductory offer is over! Get Sponsorship Secrets today for just $27 and learn everything you need to know about working with brands who want to PAY YOU for what you do!

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