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The How To Get Sponsored Home Course Is Here!


Getting sponsorships is now easier than ever!...


...Even if you have never won a competition before!


Here’s the problem: you’re a hard-working athlete but sponsors won’t give you the time of day, which means you’ll never get recognized - or PAID - for your skills or talent.


Luckily for you, there’s now a solution. Let me introduce you to the “How To Get Sponsored” Complete Home Course, a brand new program designed to help you learn how to obtain the sponsorship deals of your dreams, even if you have never taken home a first place trophy!

  • Discuss what the biggest sponsorship misconceptions are so that you can learn what a sponsorship really is and is not, which means you’ll never be left wondering what a sponsor wants from you.

  • Explore the “Big Three” so that you can clearly identify yourself and your message, which means you’ll be able to tell potential sponsors exactly what you bring to the table, every single time.

  • Identify your ideal partnerships so that you know precisely who you want to work with and why, which means you won’t waste your time and energy on brands that aren’t the best fit for you.

  • Learn the RIGHT way to approach a potential sponsor so that you immediately make a positive impact, which means they are exponentially more likely to respond and be interested in you and what you have to offer!


As a business owner, “How do I get a sponsorship?” is without doubt the #1 question I have received over the years from talented people just like you. And after almost a decade of sponsoring individuals, celebrities and athletes all over the world in a variety of disciplines, I can respond to that question with tried and true answers from extensive real-life experience!


“I’m pretty sure the same things that could help me get sponsored will help me blow up my side hustle. Love your stuff!” - Travis Houser


So with the “How To Get Sponsored” Complete Home Course, you get straight-from-the-source insider information fully explaining:

  1. The biggest sponsorship misconceptions

  2. What a sponsorship is and is not

  3. How to identify your “Big Three” and gain confidence in who you are and what you have to offer

  4. How to identify your ideal partnerships and stop wasting time on dead ends

  5. How to approach potential partners and sponsors in a way that makes it extremely difficult for them to ignore and reject you.

And right now, this entire program is only $47. Just click the link below to fill out your preferred payment info and you will instantly receive an email with your members-only access to the Complete Home Course!

Bonus: you’ll also have exclusive access to training videos from me personally, walking you through each phase of the program with examples, explanations and personal insight! Additionally, you will get Complete Home Course worksheets so that you can write out your thoughts and answers as much as you need to in order to create a solid vision for yourself and your personal brand.


Again, everything included in this program is the result of my years of sifting through individuals and athletes to sponsors from across the globe and in multiple sports and businesses. I guarantee that if you complete this course, setting yourself apart from the massive “Sponsor me!” crowd will be easier than ever and the sponsorships of your dreams will be realistic goals that you now have the tools to attain!



P.S. - this offer of the entire ‘How To Get Sponsored” Complete Home Course for $47 is only available for a limited time! Don’t keep getting ignored, overlooked and rejected. Get the program and start learning how to make yourself irresistible to your dream sponsors today! Click the link below and get started right where you are!


I wish you the very best!


Ashley Juge

Creator - “How To Get Sponsored”


Currently Only $47! Get Your...

How To Get Sponsored Home Course

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